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Lola Lane Biography Photo Lola Lane Biography
Born: 9/25/1971
Aliases: Lola

Country of Origin: United States
State: California
Place of Birth: Los Angeles
Date of Birth: September 25, 1971
Astrology: Libra
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black
Tattoos : Script on right butt cheek at one time gone over by a butterfly unknown dates.
Height: 157 cm - 5 feet and 2 inches
Weight: 59 kg - 130 lbs
Measurements: 38F-26-36
Shoe Size: 6

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Not to be confused with one of the Warner brothers stars of yesteryear as in a Midwest silver screen or singing sensation; but lets jump to the other side of the tracks to the deep south central of the more recent years for this colorful big boobed adult sensation. Yes our Lola Lane as we know her to be the voluptuous ebony vixen of deep throat sensations. Starting out in no modeling gig but straight into hardcore adult sex busters, no matter the size she says as size matters not even doing scenes with "little people" in this stud's case not little in the parts that count she says.

Lola gives off quite the fervor of ambition in her acting, letting off a yelp or grunt as being penetrated from all angles. She is the multi-function sexual dynamo for all occasions; she is ready for action at the drop of a zipper. She admits to being quite the producer and never a shy bone in her body, all access pass to my assets she says. I don't really have a favorite shoot out of all of them but rather enjoy whatever set I’m on and look forward to the next as sex is my calling card and I truly enjoy the business of pleasure.

Toys are for the meek she claims when there are so many willing real participants’ to be had, yes nothing beats the real man meat, no batteries required. I never seem to have a problem with flaccid men, they see my passion and ready willing and able attitude, I’m sure my big ole titties help fuel the desire as well. No fluffers required on my sets I pride myself in keeping my men on set at “full attention” to my details : P….

I find all kinds of propositions here in Los Angeles, I have quite an admiring fan base and am well recognized out in the public, I hope to keep a positive upbeat responsive following, and look forward to servicing their needs for years to come.

Lola Lane is a brash black beauty who's been hard at it in the porn game since 2000. Lola Lane's a thick-set gal whose main claim to porn fame has got to be her massive 38F breasts. They're huge and all natural, and provide a perfect compliment to Lola Lane's well-rounded physique. Lola Lane comes across as a bold sex kitten who knows what she wants and how to get it.

Lola Lane was a bit older than most when she decided to get into hardcore, waiting until the ripe old age of 27 to take the plunge. Since her debut, she's appeared almost exclusively in black genre flicks, sharing her enormous assets with some of the biggest studs in ebony porn. Lola Lane really loses herself in her scenes, which makes them a pleasure to watch even if you're not that into thick temptresses.

One of her best features so far has got to be 'Off Da Hook 3,' where Lola Lane joins Santino Lee for a passionate tryst. It's an intense, hot and hard scene that provides some great shots of Lola Lane's mammoth mams in all their bouncy goodness. Breast lovers will flip for Lola Lane's appearance opposite Santino in 'Sugar Walls 32,' where she and equally stacked Kim Eternity drive the well-seasoned stud right through the roof.

No stranger to back door boffing, Lola Lane's dabbling in anal spelunking on a number of occasions. The best of these is in 'Black Tail Shooters 3,' where Julian St. Jox gets to plunge into her naughty nether regions with amorous abandon. Lola Lane continues to shoot videos on a sporadic basis, and anyone who's into spunky, fun-loving thicksters will certainly find lots of Lola Lane to love.

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